Thursday, April 29, 2010

the night of 29th april 2010

Free pizzas from Domino's,
and a game of chess.


  1. cant believe you guys really did play chess at dominos.

  2. no we didn't. we went to unitar/unirazak's student lounge and palyed there. even better. pissed ppl of who were studying.

    ada this one akak tudung pandang azam and i serong gila babi cos probavbly amik tempat dia. fuck her. we played chess and had some good pizzas and utilised fully some leftowver plats from an event earlier in the day.

    and i lost tha game of ches. babi lah azam terer syial.

    (im a bit tipsy kthx)

  3. trust me. azam + me = anything can happen. i think the only reason we didnt play at dominos was that we didnt want to order drinsk there but segan nak bawak drinks form touside. or something. tak ingat.

  4. You guys are cool. Nak kawan boleh?

  5. Of course boleh. What you gon' give us in return for our friendship?